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My avatar, I choose this avatar because I am Fandomstuck. No just kidding I choose it because I feel with all of my friends and all the fandoms I am in it makes me feel like I belong somewhere and that I’m not just some weirdo that walks around all day saying ” Let me tell you about homestuck ” or  ” boom de ada boom de ada boomdeada !!” so for me this picture says a lot to “non” weird people you may not understand what I’m talking about. At my school there are five groups (and I’m going to list them by popularity ) :

  1. The Popular rich kids
  2. The newbies
  3. The  Outcasts
  4. popular but not popular kids
  5. and then the geeky/fandom kids

and this is all because ” I killed a man for this Cheesecake”

and good night, Night Vale good night.

Percy: So Frank you can turn into a million animals right?

Frank : Yeah….

Percy: so, like even a fox? So, then WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?


Nico: Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!



my avatar

My avatar, I choose this avatar because I am Fandomstuck. No just kidding I choose it because I feel with all of my friends and all the fandoms I am […]

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chiba-city-chiba-japan-3h-japanese-language-school-21619590Okay…not so long time no see! So what I’m going to be blogging about today is Japanese schooling and other things at my school (I don’t go to a Japanese school).

Okay so Japanese schooling isn’t/ is a little different. The Japanese school I’m going to talk about is Tokyo Academy!                                                     

The history of Tokyo Academy is in an effort to replicate the institutional landscape found in many Western nations,” the leaders of the Meiji government sought to create a national academy of scholars and scientists modeled to the British Royal Academy. In 1879, Nishi Amane was made the head of what was then called the Tokyo Academy.” History done, level 1 complete.

There were four prizes given to the academy and they were ( with definition):

“Imperial Prize Since 1911, the academy has annually conferred the Imperial Prize of the Japan Academy (Gakushiin Onshi Shō). Amongst past winners are Hideyo Noguchi (1915) and Tasuku Honjo (1996).

Japan Academy Prize Since 1911, the Academy has annually conferred the Imperial Academy Prize. After 1947, the name of the award was changed to Japan Academy Prize (Gakushiin Shō).

Duke of Edinburgh Prize In 1987, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh suggested that the Academy take assume the responsibility for conferring the biennial Duke of Edinburgh Prize to a Japanese scientist with outstanding achievements in the area of wildlife protection and species preservation. In addition to this specific award, some 75 prizes and medals are associated with The Duke of Edinburgh.

Japan Academy Medal Since 2004, the Academy has annually conferred the Japan Academy Medal.”

(Quotation information credit Wikipedia ^_^)

And in Japan if you earn/win those medals and prizes that’s a (at least think) pretty great honor.

So to talk about me a little bit and my school. Let’s start with a few questions.

1. What are is you’re choice of subjects at school?

Well I my favorite subjects so far are language arts and cooking and sewing (cooking and sewing is one class)

2. Your dream of what you will be doing once you leave school

I believe that when I graduate from high school I will go to college and here’s how it’s going to go first for two years I will go to LCC then transfer to U of O (did I do that right? ) To study fantasy, art, technology, and game design.

3.Technology in your school?

Well at my school a few classes have chrome books, some (most) classes have Mac books.

okay one last thing I’m going to interview my family I am going to ask them questions about what school was like when they were in school.

ready… okay!

Q1 what kind of technology did your middle school use?

Dad’s answer: windows 95

Q2 what electives dId you have and like at school?

Dad’s answer:woodshop, automotive, and art.

q3 who was the principal at that time in the 90’s >=<

Dad’s answer: Mr.Stramper

Q4 How many late tickets did you get with in the school year?

Dad’s answer : more than i’d want to admit.

Final question what year did you graduate high school?

Dad’s answer : class of 2000 at Thurston high

okay thanks dad for dealing with me! Bye guys and gals


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